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Analysis of the maintenance method of EV Batteries
Apr 07, 2017

The country's policy support for electric vehicles is very strong, the major automotive manufacturers design and manufacture of the strength is also very large, of course, the users have jumped to try the impulse. The core components of electric vehicles are the three main types of electric motors, energy-storing power batteries and charging parts. and the battery energy storage and discharge capacity directly relates to the consumer's economic costs and car experience, so the cart enterprises are also advertised that electric vehicles from the factory use to scrap will not replace batteries, and bad also free replacement. However, the use of electric vehicles will encounter such a small problem, such as due to the seasonal temperature difference caused by car driving force decline and the number of driving kilometers greatly reduced, charging capacity and car-enterprise logo and so on.

1. When should I recharge my car?
Car owners can pay attention to the use of electricity in the car, and then estimate when they should be charging for the car, and how long time to charge the electricity. Because the number of charging and discharging is limited, so the lithium batteries should be recharged as far as possible, the simplest way is to try to fill the full, the vehicle is full of electricity to continue charging for a period of time. "As with mobile software, regular upgrades and updates are necessary." "

2. Changing driving habits
In the case of fuel vehicles, early pre-contracting, to avoid urgent acceleration, rapid deceleration, to avoid slamming on the throttle or brake, refusing to drive bad habits, can effectively improve the mileage to achieve energy-saving purposes, this article also applies to electric vehicles users. In peacetime, if there is no special motive demand, it is proposed to drive the vehicle in pure electricity economy mode, and if the hybrid car uses chaos mode driving is the best choice. "Manually opened the air-conditioning, the vehicle after the start of mixed driving a few kilometers, full use of the engine energy heating", so after the operation, not only can more effectively use electric energy, the car temperature increase faster, but also can advance the engine preheating, reduce energy consumption. "Driving in winter, energy saving and comfort are equally important." "

3. Correct use of battery charging machine
The effect of seasonal temperature difference on the battery is large, and the charging equipment is more affected. 16, in Beijing in the year of the strongest cooling, the number of car owners of electric cars or encounter a sharp reduction in mileage, or simply a charging failure. Therefore, charging piles with a home-type small charging machine is the choice of large number of people. It is important to avoid the strong collision and vibration of the charger, and use the standard plug line and power cord.

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