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How to distinguish electric motorcycles from electric bicycles
Aug 16, 2017

Electric scooters in the daily life occupies a certain position, because it is cheap and light by most people like, but although the same electric scooter, there are electric motorcycles and electric bicycles are different, although they are two rounds, but Is a different two things, in the traffic accident handling also applies to different legal standards. Because electric motorcycles and electric bicycles are often similar shape and make it difficult to distinguish one by one, coupled with the presence of excessive electric scooters more confusing. In fact there are some places between the two completely different, as long as the recognition of this point will be able to easily distinguish them.

First, the vehicle skeleton with different materials. Although the two scooters are two rounds of models, but their frames are made of different materials, the general electric motorcycles are relatively heavy, their frame is made of relatively thick steel, and electric Bicycles are made of relatively light steel pipe, where the different aspects of the weight caused by the difference, on the other hand also caused the cost difference, the general electric motorcycles are more expensive, the reason lies in this.

Second, the principle of different shock. These two vehicles have a special shock absorber system, but they are applied to the principle is not the same, electric shock absorber is used in hydraulic shock absorbers, and electric bicycles used shock absorber is a spring shock, the use of Hydraulic system of electric motorcycles will be more comfortable to sit up, the vibration is much smaller, and the electric bike is not so good ride.

Third, the braking system is different. The speed of the motorcycle is generally faster and the speed of the bicycle is slower, so the motorcycle on the brake system requires more stringent requirements, the reliability of the higher, the bike does not need to put too much effort to these brake system The Under normal circumstances the electric motorcycle will use the hydraulic disc brake, and electric bicycles will use brakes or drum brake.

Fourth, the motor is different. Electric motorcycles and electric bicycles is the biggest difference is that their speed is not a grade, so they use the motor power is not the same, electric bicycle motor power required by the required less than 500w, and electric motorcycles motor power Will be higher than 500w, which is the biggest difference between the two scooters it

Although we often see electric motorcycles and electric bicycles, but we still can not distinguish them out at one glance, to do this, we must have some professional knowledge, although the normal area does not distinguish between the relationship, but after all, these two Car is two different categories, the application of traffic laws are not the same, we still have to be careful, I believe that the above mentioned friends will be able to make a smooth distinction.

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