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Electric vehicle battery correct detection and maintenance Method!
Apr 07, 2017

All said the battery is the entire electric vehicle's heart, is the entire electric vehicle power provider, the battery performance is good, the quality can guarantee the good performance of this generator. So how does the battery test maintain?

Battery Detection method:
(1), the battery interface is corrosive and loose, if it has been corroded, need warm water and soda solution cleaning, the interface outside coated some grease to prevent further corrosion;
(2), battery electrolyte liquid level inspection. Cell internal cells need to check all, do not sampling, if the level of the liquid is below the low level, the need to add distilled water or battery supplement. In addition to pay attention to the electrolyte does not overflow the battery, because excessive electrolyte may overflow in heavy load from the battery, causing corrosion and damage, destroying the environment can also affect itself.
Note that the batteries must not be added to tap water, because the water contains impurities can shorten the battery life.
(3), if the battery is deficient, it is best to go to the designated repair point of the vehicle to inspect and charge maintenance.

Battery Maintenance Method:
Firstly, the battery can be inspected periodically, including the voltage of the battery, the density, temperature and height of the electrolyte in the battery; note whether the battery link is in accordance with the specification link; Check the batteries to remember if there are corrosive conditions, regular discharge tests, and so on, these daily work are needed.
Second, the battery charging is the basic work, charging environment to ventilation, avoid high temperature and rain; charging the battery with the matching of the charger, the wiring of the wire to be correct; Charging current should not be too high, when the battery charging, when the temperature is too high, should stop charging work, do heat treatment.
Finally, remind you: Car owners pay special attention to the usual battery detection and maintenance, if necessary, or timely replacement, lest the danger. Choose the battery when as far as possible high-quality, good-reputation brand batteries, such as Asahi Battery. Good brand battery quality is very good, service is better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of construction is very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

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