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Why are new batteries not as durable as old ones?
Apr 07, 2017

In recent years, electric cars have become an important means of transportation for citizens. In life, often hear people complain that electric car batteries are not durable, electric cars replaced the batteries instead of running far away, the continuation of the mileage shorter, and the battery is no problem, then what is the cause of this? In general there are the following:

One, there are many years of experience in electric car maintenance of the master Li introduced, electric vehicle batteries are not durable and upgrading the battery has a certain relationship, before the relevant State departments promulgated regulations, prohibit the production of environmental pollution of large cadmium-containing nickel batteries. After the manufacturers have changed other more environmentally friendly alternatives, the battery's power storage capacity has indeed declined.

Second, the choice of a good charger is essential. The market is a wide variety of electric car chargers, mixed. Low-quality battery charger charging dissatisfaction is also easy to recharge the drum, as far as possible with the brand charger, he this kind of battery protection or not charging the battery time too long.

Third, the line. Line problem is soft fault, the components are not defective, only in the connection between the resistance, there is resistance to the pressure, and the greater the current greater pressure. The new battery turns off the light. This is a common problem, and many reasons for running away are this.

Then we focus on the problem of the resistance caused by the wiring. The area of the Resistance:

1, the controller and the battery plug, and the electrical connector plugs: good connector gilt silver plated, the general is copper or copper plating, the difference is iron. Time a long will oxidize, produce contact resistance. When the large current passes, it heats up and burns black when it is serious.

2, Fuse. Bad contact. The clamping is not tight, pressure is untrue.

3, the battery box outlet or contact is not bad.

4, connect the wrong line. For example, the controller thin Red Line battery.

5, the battery connector is too thin, or not copper wire. The length of the line is not good.

If it is a serious part, it is easier to find, such as burning black. But if there is a problem, it is harder to find. It's a bit of resistance, and it's not easy to ignore it.

Fourth, some merchants to the old new mode, the business will replace the batteries after a rough repair renovation, once again with the price of new batteries for sale. The new batteries reflected in the public are not as part of the reason for the old batteries.

So in the selection of batteries as far as possible to choose high-quality, good-mouth brand batteries, such as Asahi Battery. Asahi-Sent battery quality is very strong, good service, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of construction is very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

In addition to the above factors, the batteries usually use maintenance is also important. Many users, especially young people, tend to be less in the mind when charging. Until the last grid is almost exhausted, but in this case, the batteries will often face an excessive discharge problem, and excessive discharge on the battery is very harmful, even the battery can be scrapped, so users in the use of the process must not excessive discharge.

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