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Four factors influencing battery life of EV
Apr 07, 2017

Electric vehicles in the use of the process, the battery is easy to consume parts, directly related to the user's cost, and the actual use of the process often found that the battery life is much lower than the original life, according to the main reasons for the analysis of the following points:

I. The quality of the battery itself
The factors influencing the consistency of batteries are the level of battery manufacturing technology and materials, battery production management and technology level. High technical level, advanced production technology, good materials, high degree of mechanization, the consistency of batteries must be good. Battery production process, the degree of manual labor, which will inevitably affect the consistency of batteries, so as the electric vehicle manufacturers to choose batteries, must look at the consistency of batteries, the battery manufacturers to understand the production technology, equipment and production management, select battery performance stable, consistent high battery.

So in the selection of batteries as far as possible to choose high-quality, good-mouth brand batteries, such as Asahi Battery. Good brand battery quality is very good, service is better, sales, customer service, technical support, maintenance and other aspects of construction is very perfect, can provide consumers with better after-sales service.

The matching level of electric vehicle circuit system
The battery life is closely related to the charger and controller in the electric vehicle circuit system. In comparison, the charger is more influenced by the controller than the battery.

1, insufficient charge
From the electrochemical reaction, the low charge performance is the yin and yang polar plates of lead sulfate can not be converted into sponge-like lead and lead dioxide, which makes the battery capacity is insufficient, such as long-term charge of insufficient electricity, will cause the crystallization of lead sulfate, particles increase, so the plate vulcanization, battery quality deterioration.

2. Excessive charging
Excessive charging, will make the anode produced more oxygen than the cathode absorption capacity, so that the increase in the battery pressure, the final burst safety valve, gas spill, resulting in reduced electrolyte. Damage the battery, resulting in a significant reduction in battery life.

III. Controller
The influence of the controller on the battery life is shown in the current density. For electric vehicles, the current density mainly refers to the average running current and peak current. The controller is discharging. The limit pressure protection setting is too low to cause the battery to discharge. The life damage of the battery is very serious.

Four, Charger factor
A working cycle of a battery is charging and discharging, so charging process is also an important factor influencing battery life. The battery charging current size, charging control mode directly affect the battery life. The capacity and voltage of the battery group determine the charging parameters, so the charger parameters should match the parameters of the battery, so that it can reduce the chances of improper charging of battery damage.

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