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How to recharge the batteries?
Apr 07, 2017

As a green sunrise industry, electric vehicles have been developing in our country for decades. It is cheap, convenient, environmental protection of the functional advantages, favored by the vast number of consumers. But electric cars in the use of the process will also encounter some awkward time, such as electric car ride in the process, power is insufficient, and can not find the nearby charging station. Even if you encounter a fast charging station, you can spend a very short time full of electricity, but the long-term use of fast charging stations to the battery damage is very large. So the problem is coming! When charging the electric car, how to charge is correct? Today, please give us a science.

Charging order
In the electric vehicle batteries, the charger should be inserted into the battery charger output plug corresponding to plug into the electric plug into the Chargers, the observation led to charge the judgement (general red light is charging, the green light indicates the basic sufficient electricity, discharge more, the longer charging time).

Charging time
Battery charging and discharging cycles are certain, generally in about 600-800 times, charging a charge of the equivalent of a charging and discharging cycle of the opportunity, frequent charging of batteries means that will significantly shorten the battery life.
In the case of frequent use of electric vehicles, it should be chosen to recharge the batteries when the remaining 20%-30% of the battery, so as to avoid the loss of early batteries capacity, while also avoiding the discharge.
If it is usually very small, a week does not travel to the longest mileage of 60%-70%, it is recommended to recharge once a week.
If you go out or have long, it is recommended that you replenish your electricity once a month and keep your electric car in a cool and dry place.

Charge length
Charging time to properly control over 8-10 hours, summer should not exceed 8 hours, winter should not exceed 10 hours. The charger led to the green light after floating charge for about 1-2 hours, can stop charging work. Remember that charging time can not exceed 12 hours, long charging will severely damage the battery, affect battery performance.

Charging environment
High temperatures or too humid environments are not suited to charging electric cars, which are prone to risk. Electric vehicle charging environment should be as far as possible to ensure ventilation, while choosing a flat place to continue charging.

Electric car charger After the use of a long time to scrap, at this time can not casually buy a brand charger to continue to charge electric vehicles. Because the electronic components of the battery charger is basically the use of inferior materials, easy to damage, often the problem is that batteries are full of electricity without turning the lamp, can not be adjusted according to the battery current charging current, resulting in a large number of batteries overcharge, after multiple charging batteries will be filled with drums, recommended to professional electric car repair shop replacement of a battery model matching high-quality brand charger, to ensure the quality of charging, delayed battery life.

Now the normal life of electric vehicle batteries generally in about three years, early end life is a big reason is unreasonable charging habits caused. The right battery charging method can not only bring a comfortable travel experience to oneself, but also allow the battery to "prolong life".

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