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The five aspects of electric vehicle charging
Apr 07, 2017

The five aspects of electric vehicle charging:

1. Charging the remaining One-third power in the indicator meter.

2. charging environment to keep dry clean, the charger do not use plastic bags or plastic bottles wrapped, should be placed in ventilated place, because when the charger can not breathe easily burned.

3. as far as possible not to use fast charge, such as unnecessary in a month not more than twice, often use the electric vehicle fast charging service, electric car charging will have a certain impact on battery life.

4. the charger placed in a fixed place, do not bump, can not easily transfer, avoid because of the transfer of the internal parts of the drift, thus affecting the entire parameter changes. If it is not to be transferred can use the foam and the stuff of packaging, lighten the felt.

5. Charging with standard charger.

6. charging time should not be too long, should be in the charger led to jump after the floating charge for two hours can unplug the charger, so not because of charging the plate active material hardening off, also not because of the loss of the plate curing.

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