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The misunderstanding of purchasing electric vehicle
Apr 07, 2017

Many consumers buy electric cars there are four areas of misunderstanding:

Common misconception One: high-priced electric car merchants are high profits, low price low profit. High cost and high returns is a common sense in itself, but in today's electric car market is the opposite, for example, a brand-brand cars sell 1000 dollars, the car is definitely profitable, and the other style of the same car just look better, deal with the sale of 1500, he is really likely to sell at a loss. The same reason, low-priced cars sold, is to use the information of the consumer to grasp the block, the same style selling low-priced cars instead earn more. When you are optimistic about a car of 3000 yuan to buy a money, changed an 2500 to buy a similar style, you think saved 500, but you do not know their cost and quality gap may be greater, but the low-priced cars are more profitable businesses.

Common misunderstanding two: electric cars are similar, mainly depends on the battery is not good. In fact, this is a very serious mistake, the current battery technology has been very mature, as long as the regular brand matching batteries, its quality and performance is almost the same. However, the performance of different quality vehicles is a big difference. The difference between car quality is the real difference, a good quality car can ride on ten years and eight years, this period of battery bad for the group just, and a inferior car even if the quality of the battery is good, but also often out of other problems, riding a year or two with the battery scrapped.

Common Myth # 3: Configuring the higher the function more is better. The quality of an electric car should start with the most basic configuration, to protect the frame, baking paint, plastic parts, motor and other necessary components of high-quality standards. Then on this basis, according to the price and grade to carry out partial configuration and functional upgrades. and inferior car is good at the main parts cut corners, cost savings, in the appearance and function of the fuss, such as turning round, damping, brake and so on to make color gold, look gorgeous eye-catching, but its easy to fade. For example, the airbag shock Absorber, before and after the oil brake, USB interface, three-gear speed, one-button repair and other sets of functions and configurations. But the cost of such a car is far less than a common-configured brand car, its quality can be imagined.

Common misunderstanding four: not heard of all is a car. Domestic electric car market has hundreds of small brands, the industry is well-known brands is a few decades, and consumers are the layman, the electric vehicle brand information sources are through the media ads and the local best-selling brands. So there will be some of the industry's well-known brands are consumers as a brand, and some unknown brands because in the local best-selling and become the consumer eye of the big brands.

The quality of an electric vehicle is related to the convenience and troubles of its entire use cycle, and the failure rate and fault size directly affect the cost of electric vehicle. Therefore, how to buy electric cars to put forward the test, no experience of consumers should choose to pay attention to quality and service dealers car, should not covet cheap and deceived.

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