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Analyze The Characteristics Of High-sales Tricycle In The Market
Apr 07, 2017

A friend who often pays attention to tricycle sales may find such a problem, that is, in each market sales rankings, the list of models has been so several "old face". No matter how many new cars listed in the market segments, it is difficult to shake the ranking of the top position models in the sales rankings in the short term.

By reason, these tricycles are long enough to market time, their modelling is not the most fashionable in the market, even if the consumer aesthetics should also produce aesthetic fatigue. In addition, these vehicles are not the most outstanding, whether they are configured or in safety and technology. But why do these tricycles sell the best?

Observing these models, it is not difficult to find that they are not the best, nor the worst, but maintain moderate. To look at the best selling tricycle in the market, we can summarize a common feature of them, that is equilibrium. In other words, the core competitiveness of these best-selling tricycles is equilibrium.

And this balance should be reflected in the tricycle related to all aspects, whether it is the car's enterprise or product brand, whether its workmanship and quality, configuration and performance, or its safety and comfort, marketing or after-sales service and other fields, everywhere should reflect the equilibrium. We may not find a place where our strengths are particularly prominent, but we certainly cannot find its obvious disadvantages. That is, the Tricycle has no apparent short plates.

We say that equilibrium is the core competitiveness of tricycle sold well, not only in the product perspective, for Chinese consumers, balance also has a stronger attraction. Tricycle is a very practical means of transportation for Chinese consumers.

From a practical point of view, Chinese consumers in the purchase of Tricycle, more will comprehensively consider the performance of motorcycles, safety, service life, and other aspects, but also will adhere to the economic principle of the price of tricycle, after-sale cost, maintenance of convenience and so on. In addition, consumers are buying a tricycle, which will also value brands. So, in the market those who sell the best tricycle, in fact, is balanced to meet the consumer demand for these aspects of the use of tricycle.

Therefore, for the Chinese tricycle Enterprises, the success of the market is not necessarily the pursuit of the Acme, to meet the needs of consumers in a balanced manner is one of the biggest success of the model.

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