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Electric Bicycle Brand Breakthrough In The Winter Of The Industry's Correct Posture?
Apr 07, 2017

Over the past decade, the electric bicycle industry has developed rapidly, and domestic electric vehicle enterprises have reached more than 2000. In recent years, the industry as a whole market sales began to decline, small enterprises to continue to be out of the exit; Big brands are involved in price wars, a large number of promotional activities have been exhausted, even if sales can be saved, profit is not a big.

The reason is that the market tends to saturate, the effect of macroeconomic slump and so on. However, the opportunity is always with the challenge, the current industry is still accelerating shuffle, after another round of the playoffs, laughing to the final enterprise can again usher in spring is not known.

So the problem came, in such a special period, the electric bicycle brand to maintain competitiveness, breakthrough industry in the winter of the correct posture?

First, the so-called market saturation does not mean that consumers do not need electric bikes, instead, they will increasingly tend to buy twice or even multiple times. Therefore, the reason for this saturation is that the overall output growth is greater than the growth in demand; second, consumer demand for products upgrades, that is, if you do not upgrade the product, consumers do not need electric cars, but no longer need your electric car.

Industrial 4.0 times, communications equipment, electrical appliances, home and so on are conducting an intelligent evolution, in the electric bicycle industry, intelligent campaign has been on the very well, intelligent industry has become a consistent product upgrade direction. As the leader of this intelligent upgrade, the wisdom strategy of German is developing at a faster pace than expected, and the new strategy of upgrading of wisdom is about to release, and will provide consumers with richer and more convenient value-added services.

Of course, to break through the industry winter, relying solely on the two rounds of product upgrades to bring warmth is far from enough. In recent years, careful industry people are not difficult to find, likewise in the electric vehicle industry, there is a industry just as fast as the 00 generation of electric bicycles, it is electric cars.

With the improvement of living standards, the upgrading of consumer demand is also reflected in the near-way, short-distance, distant and other levels of travel demand. Environmental protection is growing louder, people advocate Green travel, these are the development of electric vehicles to create a broader market prospects. At the same time, electric vehicles have an unparalleled profit margin for electric bicycles, and can add more profitable points for dealers. As a result, when most companies are still concentrating on the electric bicycle industry cake, the vision is based on the first to complete the layout of the EV industry.

Now, combining the advantages of their own industry, compared to German dealers tailored to the introduction of "Original price substitution storm" activities, consumers old Bidwin electric bicycles can be deducted from the original price of electric vehicles, many dealers through the activities have tasted the sweetness.

Market for the huge demand for green transport tells us that the entire electric vehicle industry's wealth has not been excavated, still in the market-importing period of the electric vehicle industry is about to become the industry's largest gold!

Throughout the industry, more and more brands to try to layout more than one industry, electric bicycles, electric vehicles and other segments of the boundaries of the industry increasingly blurred, industrial layout upgrade gradually become the industry consensus. Electric bicycle brand as long as in the intelligent upgrade to actively seek technical breakthrough, while perfecting the industrial layout, the realization of electric bicycles, electric vehicles and other major industries between the "keep abreast", the industry's spring is not far!

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