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Electric Vehicles Should Not Have A So-called Identity Card
Apr 07, 2017

"Electric vehicles generally exist the appearance of illegal driving, because the electric vehicles do not have the so-called ID card, once the traffic accidents, electric car owners often slip away." "In a reporter interview, the disposition of the electric vehicle is brief."
Reporters see that the "method" for the registration of electric vehicles made clear rules: "Electric cars and track flat cars, electric flat cars must be registered by the Department of the Tube, issuing plates, trek permits, the road can be."
About the registration of new cars, the "method" clear, since the date of the car 30th, electric vehicles, track flat cars, electric flat car owners should plead with the traffic Police Department registered card, and on-site inspection of vehicles and vehicle owners identification, purchase invoices or vehicle certification, as well as the vehicle factory certificate. A photocopy of the People's Republic of China Disability Certificate, which has been certified as a disability, should also be submitted for registered disabled vehicles.
And on the electric vehicles and disabled vehicles purchased by the public before the implementation of the policy, the scheme will leave a buffer period for the vehicle owners ' licence, requiring the public to purchase electric vehicles and disabled vehicles before the implementation of the scheme, and the registration formalities shall be disposed within 6 months from the date of the implementation of this method.
About the transfer registration of electric vehicles card replacement, the "method" points out that the registered electric bicycles, motorized wheelchair ownership of the transfer, the parties should be transferred from the date of 30th with two identification and vehicle and vehicle plate, Trek card, to the original registration organ supplications The disposal of transfer registration. The assignee shall also submit a certificate of disability of the lower limb issued by the Federation of Disabled persons above the county level, pleading for the transfer of mobile wheelchair vehicles registered. Electric bicycles, motorized wheelchairs and trek cards throw away perhaps the damage, the vehicle owner should be certified in 30th to the original registration organ supplications may be replaced.
"On the licensing fee," the method clarifies the distribution of electric vehicle plates and trek permits, the charging standard is approved by the competent authorities of the autonomous region at the cost of the charge, the issuing of motor wheelchair vehicle plates, trek permits, free of charge. "

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