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How To Turn The Traditional Bicycle Industry Under The 'Internet +'
Apr 07, 2017

"Internet +" This era's distinctive logo is quietly changing our life, as China's logo "bicycle" will have how to change? Facing the fierce cross-border fusion of internet enterprises, where will China's bicycle industry go? Under the background of "Internet +" era, how big is the development space of Chinese bicycle enterprises? "Internet +" will bring the impact of China's bicycle industry? The answers to these questions may be answered from the "China (Beijing) International bicycle Electric Vehicle and parts exhibition".

November 2015 6-8th, by the Beijing Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association to join the national Light Industry bicycle Quality Supervision and inspection center, China Battery Industry Association Lithium Battery Application Professional committee, Zhen Wei Exhibition group jointly sponsored "China (Beijing) International bicycle electric Vehicle and spare parts exhibition" will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center.

What will the Internet cross-border Chinese bicycle enterprises go?

The Internet brings subversive product thinking, offering new opportunities for development, and traditional bicycle enterprises must seize this opportunity to turn from hardware manufacturers to become designers of Internet products. No matter how the Internet age changes, the nature of business, the nature of manufacturing is unchanged, providing quality products and services, so that users are tempted and reassuring, this is the most important consideration. Traditional bicycle enterprises need to shorten the cognitive differences with Internet enterprises, realize the integration and development, complete the industry's intelligent revolution.

2015, the National Bicycle electric vehicle enterprises generally face a severe test. Industry overcapacity problem is gradually highlighted, how to realize the intelligent bicycle revolution? At the same time online shopping increasingly popular, the industry's traditional sales model how to transform and upgrade? In this year, the trend of change and shocks, industry enterprises should be how to deal with? These puzzles will be answered at the 2016 Industry Trends Summit Forum held at the same time.

How big is the development space of Chinese bicycle enterprises?

With the green travel, health sports, leisure and entertainment popular, high-end bicycle sales show up. At the same time, as more and more bicycle enterprises are identified as high-tech enterprises, bicycle products are also increasing the value-added of the integrated. "Along the way" strategy, along the country and region of bicycle exports faster growth, become the most promising emerging markets, but Asia and North America is still China's main export market for bicycles. The first 7 months of China's bicycle exports 35.287 million, exports of 2.18 billion dollars, a year-on-5.8% growth.

Exhibition organizers will hold "riding the Earth-colorful Morocco" launching ceremony and invite International Alliance and France, Brazil and other embassies and consulates in China to visit the event, providing a strong and meticulous on-site procurement docking services, strong alliances will inevitably Chinese bicycle industry inject a dose of heart needle.

What impact does the "Internet +" bring to China's bicycle industry?

In recent years, large data, cloud technology sweeping across many industries, "Internet +" concept into all areas of economic life, the traditional bicycle industry facing a new challenge.

How to successfully open up their own sales channels, the traditional entity stores and how to achieve high-quality services through the Internet; is the traditional bicycle minimalist plain worth remembering, or the technical breakthrough of intelligent bicycle is worthy of vision; what kind of cultural experience is a ride on a walk? With these doubts, walked into the exhibition held in the same period of "2016 way out-self-propelled car ride to" the Peak forum, COOKEE Wang Wei, 30 mai Ding Zhenhui, le vision Li Dalong, BiCi Jiang 旻chen and other bicycle pioneers will be with the industry's well-known enterprises dialogue, perhaps we will find the answer.

It is understood that the exhibition total area of nearly 20000 square meters, Ngadi, green source, cow electric technology, Tatsu Fang Electronics, Taiwan Bell, Urban Wind, Phoenix, Le He, Jia de dexing, Czech security, Solomon, United States Lightning, HERRMANS, the United States, France Locke, Germany, such as a large number of domestic and international well-known brands, leading the industry development trend. As China's political, science and technology, cultural center, Beijing has a huge consumption potential of 22 million people, 11 million market holdings, sales of 2 million in the annual market throughput capacity, become the country's most growth potential of the big market. Beijing Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association president Guo Jinzhi in an interview, said that the national bicycle riding culture as the support point, is the national electric bicycle market wind vane, is the domestic and international high-end brands. With the upcoming introduction of the Beijing Electric Bicycle Group standard, and the 2016 Electric vehicle management policy becomes clearer, the Beijing market will show explosive volume growth.

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