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Mechanical Fault Analysis Of Electric Motorcycle
Aug 16, 2017

Mechanical reasons

1, the body part of the operation of inertia failure phenomenon are mainly: after the stall, the vehicle to find a great resistance, electric motorcycles in operation to spend a lot of power, will inevitably lead to acceleration weakness. The main reasons for running inertia are:

(1) tire pressure is insufficient;

(2) before and after the brake device reset bad;

(3) before and after the wheel is not a straight line;

(4) wheel bearings too tight without the middle of the liner, the wheel will rotate the process of self-locking wheel bearing cap;

(5) transmission chain or belt too tight;

(6) tire friction body or fork parts.

2. Other mechanical reasons

(1) Poor cylinder compression. Cylinder operation when the pressure drop, a direct result of the suction capacity weakened, so that the suction cylinder mixed gas is too thin, in the compression stroke, the outbreak of the trip can also cause the cylinder leak, reduce working pressure, causing acceleration weakness. Cylinder compression bad solid are: piston, piston ring and cylinder serious wear and tear, with the gap is too large or produce pull marks; cylinder head leak; valve leak; spark plug installation hole leakage.

(2) four-stroke engine valve with poor work, into the exhaust valve clearance is too large or too small; with gas time chaos; valve spring break or too soft; valve bending, excessive carbon deposition.

(3) clutch slip. Clutch slip caused by the crankshaft torque can not be fully transmitted to the transmission, resulting in acceleration weakness.

(4) carburetor equipped with speed limit device or throttle line free gap is too large.

(5) Other causes of engine overheating (such as poor cooling of the cooling mechanism), overheating the engine to accelerate difficult.

(6) the engine is too cold or not warm up Huai prepared.

(7) Motorcycle lubricants such as injection (four strokes), so that the engine running resistance increases, the sound dull, weak. Lubricant too little cause the engine overheating, pull the cylinder, later easy to cause acceleration.

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