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Policy Confusing Miniature Electric Cars Survive In The Cracks
Apr 07, 2017

Driving on the road, turned a junction, suddenly jump out of sight of a small four-wheel electric car, just in front of you, leisurely slowly paced, let you press the trumpet, it still take a stroll, so worried you are both crazy and do not.

I believe many people have encountered similar situations. Of course, in many times, people do not pay special attention to the existence of such vehicles, but some of the people who have a keen eye, even to its not very elegant modelling and slow pace, smile, spit out a sentence: "This can also call a car?!" "

You may not know that this kind of small electric car that looks not so tall is the "darling" of the market now, the limelight. However, this "darling" is now in a somewhat complicated situation: on the one hand, the persistent market demand, the other is the state policy of the mode of ambiguity; supporters of their praise, known as the "National car", while opponents denounced it as "garbage technology", the view should be banned. But one notable fact is that small electric vehicles have grown rapidly in this controversy and grew into a vibrant and promising industry. And some of the people who are sensitive to the market, even in the bottom of the heart of reckoning-it is the next tuyere?

Not without this possibility. Let's take a look at a set of data: According to the China Automotive Industry Association, 2014 the Year of New energy vehicles sold 74,800 vehicles, of which, pure electric vehicles sales of 45,000 million, many people cheered-the growth of a lot. But do not forget, this is the government's vigorous promotion and subsidies to achieve the results. And what is the sales volume of small electric vehicles? 400,000 cars! There is no government subsidy and affirmative action, which is the result of spontaneous market, and even to some extent, the uncertain attitude of the government has become a concern of the enterprise, so that they dare not let go.

The wind group seems to be "perturbed" by the leader. But even so, their sales last year reached 50,000, 000 more than the so-called "orthodox" electric cars nationwide sales of a year. Strong market demand is letting them predict that sales will reach 10~12 million this year.

What would be accomplished if you let go? When the wind group related to the head told reporters, if the small electric vehicle policy measures in place, soon can form a millions even Chiwan market. According to the calculation, 10 million small electric vehicles can achieve sales of hundreds of millions of, drive 2 trillion of the industry chain, at the same time can promote the motor, electric control, batteries and other key parts of the upgrading of the industry, in addition to the automotive steel plate and other products to stimulate the demand for the creation of enormous social benefits.

I didn't think of it! In these seemingly inconspicuous small electric vehicles, unexpectedly contains a close to the trillion-level market. However, the wind forecast does not seem to be "bold" enough, with experts and research institutions after analysis to conclude that China's small electric vehicles in the future market size should be more than 100 million units! See here, many people are not calm-what is this product ah? Why is there such a huge market demand? Who is buying AH?

"Walk in front of the system"

At the time of the wind group in Shandong Gaotang County, a city, the first sight is the light of this small electric vehicle figure. The traffic here is not as busy as the metropolis, they shuttle to the streets, but to the small city has added a lot of vitality.

"The cost of purchasing and the use of such vehicles is low," Like us when the wind products, price in 30,000 yuan, there is a car smart charger, at home can recharge, very convenient; a charge to renew the mileage of about 120~200 kilometers, can satisfy people's daily travel needs, 100 kilometers power Inters 10de, about each kilometer 5~8 cents. "When the Wind group office director Hu Jinxing said."

In fact, the market demand for small electric vehicles is mainly from three or four line cities, urban-rural integration departments and the vast rural areas, especially the large number of peasant groups. Their daily trips are not long, and sixty or seventy kilometers per hour are basically enough for them. In the vast rural areas and the three or four-line small towns, the public transport system is not perfect, in small electric vehicles, such products before the birth of their main transport is what? -Two rounds, three-wheeled electric vehicles, motorcycles or agricultural vehicles. Most of these vehicles can not shelter from the windshield, safety and comfort are poor. "Think carefully, farmers travel is really not easy, when the wind of small electric vehicles to replace is they now use two rounds, three-wheeled electric vehicles, motorcycles and so on these products, round the people's comfortable travel dream." Hu Jinxing said with emotion.

As a leading enterprise in the field of agricultural machinery, the wind group deep in rural market for many years, the demand for farmers and consumer Psychology has a unique grasp. Many people may feel that the rural areas of limited consumption capacity, farmers ' money is not good earned, but once the root of the real, to the countryside and farmers after familiarity, is a huge market consisting of 800 million of the population, enough to achieve a number of world-class enterprises. This time, the wind keenly felt that the vast rural areas and three or four lines of town, is gradually ushered in a major transformation of transport, if can seize this opportunity, will promote the enterprise to achieve a leap forward. To this end, the wind group as early as 2007 in the small electric vehicle as a long-term strategic product, began the product development; 2010 investment 2 billion yuan built an electric vehicle industrial park. In January this year, the "accelerated development of new industries pledge", when the wind group general manager Liu Chengqiang explicitly proposed that small electric car sales to break through 100,000 million this year, in all operating indicators, this is the only specific number of clear requirements. When the wind to the small electric vehicle attention to the degree, this is evident.

However, on the one hand is vowed, on the other hand, but also have to worry about the wind, which is mainly because the country has not promulgated the corresponding regulatory provisions, making small electric vehicles have no legal identity, and face the "can't go on the road" fatal problem. If you simply search, you can see the news that many small electric cars are seized on the road. It seems to be the feeling that this market is promising, and even with some kind of ambitious mission product untimely, the future is uncertain.

"The opposition is mainly in such a number of viewpoints: one is that China's roads are already crowded, and if the people come in, the Chinese roads will be congested;" There is also a view that such vehicles on the road, such as the danger of a relatively large, traffic order ah, causing traffic accidents Ah, and so on; another group of people felt that the use of the car is ' junk technology ', if it supports its development, it will curb our normal development of electric vehicles. "As the director of the China Automotive Engineering Institute, the electric Vehicle hundred people will micro-electric vehicle research team leader, Sanguwu to small electric vehicle current situation quite feeling." "When I really go to the countryside to see, I feel this kind of car really to the peasant brothers brought tangible benefits, in many rural areas that is a car ah!" Charging convenience, low cost, good comfort, some farmers home also have agricultural vehicles, but now how to use this electric car. And rural roads, sometimes run out of a road to see a car, and we imagine is totally different. We cannot always use the minds of the city people (to see this product), and you have to take full account and respect the market from the point of view of the user. Sanguwu is not without excitement.

See here, many people may be in the heart a cool, produce a question: since facing the policy risk, that the industry still have to do?

The attitude of the wind is obviously "can be big." Liu Chengqiang once borrowed a word from Ma Yun to answer this question: "Any new thing in the birth of the process always has such a problem, is because of resistance, is your opportunity, only need you to use the entrepreneurial spirit to influence, to communicate, to pass." Innovation must go before the mechanism and walk before the social system. "Small electric cars are now in front of the system, there are risks, but more opportunities," he said. And his goal is to make the first brand of electric cars in China.

History always carries some similarity in the pace of its progress. The development of the wind in retrospect seems to support this. Familiar people should know that when the wind started products-agricultural tricycle and today's small electric vehicles in the situation, is how similar: the market demand is exuberant but the lack of policy standards; support voices and objections are in great controversy. But at the time of the wind is firmly convinced of the existence of agricultural tricycle value, the conviction that this product is able to effectively solve the problem of farmers, truly for farmers needs, and spare no effort to vigorously develop this industry. Facts have proved that the insistence of the wind is correct, agricultural tricycle not only benefit hundreds of millions of farmers, but also the achievements of the wind today's status-year sales of more than 30 billion of agricultural machinery giant.

This time, in the face of similar situation, have "bet win" experience when the wind group, appear more confident. Of course, self-confidence from the one hand from the historical experience, on the other hand also stems from its own strength: Hu Venus to reporters said, when the wind group has built the stamping, welding, painting and assembly four major processes, invested heavily on the production line of intelligent transformation, the introduction of several CNC machining equipment and robots, the formation of an annual output of 200,000 units of production capacity; At the same time also built the key components of electric vehicle testing center and the whole vehicle test site, the acquisition of advanced testing equipment, the ability to detect key components such as lithium batteries, To ensure the quality of parts products. "We also have the center of Wind Research Institute, mastered the whole vehicle integration technology, industry-class nano-high precision motor technology, information intelligent control technology, high-end wiring harness design and manufacturing technology, but also self-developed high-efficiency AC drive System, battery group application management system, etc., can be said that the wind produced products can meet the standard of automobiles, with those small manufacturers and even family workshops compared to the quality of protection. He said confidently.

Despite the uncertainty of the country's attitudes, in fact, there are few people who have seen this trillion-level market opportunity. In addition to the wind, in recent years in the field of small electric vehicles also rose Tang Jun, lei Ding, Land ark and other backbone enterprises, and Geely, BYD, Thai and many other traditional automotive enterprises have also dabbled in this area, or joint ventures or alone, seize the market. In addition, this area is also flooded with small business and small manufacturers, in the wind group in the Shandong region, and even a lot of small family workshops, several people hammering to assemble such a hot market of small electric vehicles. But their products have no quality assurance, problem-frequent, to a certain extent this is also a small electric vehicle industry has been criticized for the reasons. According to incomplete statistics, there are 200 small electric vehicle production enterprises in the country, forming an annual output of 1 million units of production capacity. Undoubtedly, small electric vehicles in fact already in the real world, seems only to be the national policy of the gate open, can sweep the land of Shenzhou.

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