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Smart Brand Transformation Of Pure Electric Vehicles
Aug 16, 2017

According to the Electrek website, Daimler Motor Corporation announced earlier this year that it is in the North American Smart brand gradually to pure electric vehicle direction conversion, and will gradually terminate the sale of the brand fuel engine vehicles.

Daimler did not really get the Mercedes-Benz dealers are unanimously approved. After learning of the news, the vast majority of these dealers will gradually close their own Smart brand car sales business. Some dealers warn that they are taking this issue seriously, and Daimler gives them a deadline to make a decision, and now informs them in a formal notice.

In the United States, 85 Mercedes-Benz brand dealers are selling Smart brand cars, and only 27 of them decide to keep the brand's sales business, according to Automotive News.

"Mercedes-Benz USA is responsible for the distribution of Smart brands in the US, and the company has asked dealers to make a decision before the end of June, whether to continue selling Smart's only brand," said Donna Boland, a spokeswoman for Mercedes-Benz USA. Two of the 85 Smart brand dealers, 27 said they will continue to sell, while the other 58 said that only retain the brand of service business, and these figures are only a preliminary statistical results.

It is understood that the dealers who keep the Smart brand sales business are mainly from California, New York and other states that implement zero-emission vehicle policies.

Before making this change, Daimler has confirmed the price of the 2017 Smart ForTwo electric car. Compared with the basic price of $ 23,800 for MSRP models, the price of ForTwo electric car will be slightly lowered on the basis of the manufacturer's guidance price of $ 23,800 before the subsidy is not enjoyed.

Disappointingly, the shift in Daimler's direction to electric vehicles will lead to a sharp decline in sales of Smart brand vehicles in North America, but that is not surprising.

It is understood that Smart brand in the US market has gradually lagged behind, and some dealers may use this opportunity to close their Smart brand sales business. In fact, this situation and Smart steering electric car models do not have much contact.

As the parent company of Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands, Daimler has been driving its car to the direction of electricization, and the focus is on the Mercedes-Benz brand change. It is understood that this company has recently been in Germany to obtain manufacturing manufacturing compact electric vehicle manufacturing capacity, and established its own new battery manufacturing plant.

Daimler recently announced that in the next three years, it will accelerate its own electric car development plan. As of 2020, Daimler will invest 11 billion US dollars to develop 10 electric vehicle models. It is expected that the first new pure electric vehicle product will enter the market in 2019.

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