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Suggestions On The Development Direction Of China's New Energy Vehicles
Apr 07, 2017

First, China's new energy automotive industry to accelerate the core technology R & D, brake on the traditional car relies on foreign technology inertia. History has shown that China has been abandoned in the field of traditional fuel vehicles because it has not mastered the core technology and controlled by others, relying on imported technologies and Sino-foreign joint ventures is not the ultimate way to build a powerful car. In order to occupy the upper hand in the future of new energy vehicles, China needs the local enterprises to take the path of independent innovation under the open conditions. If we continue to rely on "foreign technology", the future of their own technology hollow, relying on third-party procurement of local enterprises will be difficult to reduce costs involved in competition.

Shanghai Agile Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Assistant general manager Xu Lu said in a number of joint ventures, both Chinese and foreign countries in the new energy field has been able to "head to meet, than technology." Before in the traditional car field, "We can only wait for multinational corporations to feed". Local enterprises to develop new energy vehicles must learn this lesson, can not be counted on multinational corporations, but from now on independent research and development, with the foreign dialogue, in the future to achieve technical self-reliance.

Second, China's new energy vehicle development depends on batteries, motors, electrical control and other core parts of the technological breakthrough. Chen Qingtai said that electric vehicles are profoundly changing the entire components system, including batteries, electric drive, electronic control of the hardware and software involved, automatic driving involved sensing components, operating devices and computing information transmission, navigation, collision avoidance of the hardware and software. The scope of the whole automobile parts is greatly expanding, and many areas of technology still exist gaps, technical barriers have not yet formed, there is enormous innovation space. Domestic spare parts enterprises should seize the opportunity of new energy supply chain rebuilding and make strong support for the healthy development of China's new energy vehicles.

Thirdly, forcing the car enterprises to get rid of subsidy dependence as soon as possible, let the market fully play in the role of resource allocation. To make the new energy automotive industry bigger and stronger, relying on subsidies is not a long-term policy, ultimately to establish a long-term market-oriented mechanism, to play the decisive role of markets. Therefore, enterprises can not develop new energy vehicles on the basis of policy subsidies, but to sincerely accept the integration system, their own hematopoietic, independent research and development, to adapt to market demand products, become the protagonist of Marketization.

Reporters found that although there is no financial subsidy in China, but the multinational companies, including Toyota, still do not change their original intention, through technology upgrading and localization to reduce costs, committed to the hybrid model of the cost of the traditional fuel vehicles to be comparable to the market.

Fourth, the development of new energy vehicles belonging to the national strategy, the state-owned large group also has an unshirkable responsibility. Insiders believe that the large state-owned group has a huge R & D team, strong financial strength and corresponding policy support, should respond to the national call, in the new energy vehicle journey to the priority development of autonomy, enhance the competitiveness of independent brands, as the building of automotive power, to promote the transformation of manufacturing and upgrading the main force

At the same time, the state-owned enterprise assessment, to further develop new energy vehicles with the national Strategy docking. The evaluation mechanism should further increase the appraisal weight of the state-owned enterprise independently innovation, and guide the state-owned enterprises to combine short-term benefit with long-term development ability.

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