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The Collective Transformation And Upgrading Of Electric Bicycle Industry
Apr 07, 2017

The three-day 33rd session of China Jiangsu Bicycle, new energy electric vehicle and spare parts fair held in Nanjing October 17 in the long triangle days in large areas of haze, the "new Energy, new technology, new traffic" as the theme of the fair to receive the audience warmly. From 16 provinces and municipalities and regions of the ultra-600 enterprises 500 multiple brands and related products with Taiwan Athletics, exhibition area of 120,000 square.

Despite the scale of the exhibition to a record high, but the electric bicycle industry 2014 The first occurrence of negative sales, the industry's inflection point is now. In sales decline, fierce competition, policy uncertainties and other factors, the transition of the wheels have moved, at the fair speed up Mercedes.

Hand "Internet +" refused to be overturned

Mobile Internet, cloud computing, large data ... Reporters at the exhibition site noted that some of the words commonly used in the IT industry, this year also frequently appeared in the car-Enterprise booth product introduction. This year is hailed as the "Internet +" first years, electric bicycle industry began to feel the safe haven turbulent of the coming of the change trend. Cattle electric Technology, Yun Zao technology, such as "spoiler", will be intelligent, electronic business, the public to play the internet into the industry, for the industry's capital operation, product marketing, cross-border innovation, and so many inspiration. Many industry "big guy" realizes that if cannot adapt "the Internet +" The big tide, may be eliminated by the times.

"The key is placed inside the bag or in the pocket, when approaching the vehicle, the vehicle will automatically induction, unlock, press ' Cloud button ' can start the motor." "In Taiwan Bell Electric car booth, on-site staff to show reporters" cloud electric car, in addition to wireless induction, the Taiwan Bell Cloud Electric also assembled the fault self-test and self-study function, light by the car body with the cloud Repair button, the vehicle will enter the detection state, and voice-informed failure.

"Startup, positioning, pursuit, can be completed on the phone." "Ngadi electric car this year's flagship" more high-end, booth staff to reporters introducing a "concept car", in addition to mobile phone app can carry on remote operation of electric vehicles, when a stranger forced riding, mobile phone and electric car dedicated hand ring will also alarm.

In addition, reporters at the scene to see, with real-time data sharing function of sports electric vehicles, according to the road to automatic adjustment of energy output climbing car, many big car enterprises will be intelligent technology widely used in product innovation, through the Internet, the network of things and other technologies to enhance the technical content of electric bicycles, to strive for the future Market Change Bureau initiative.

Crowding out "tall and full" big manufacturers like to play cross-border

During the exhibition interview, reporters from the Chinese Bicycle Association to obtain a group of data, 2015 the first half of the electric bicycle sales of 12 million vehicles, the decline 15%, electric tricycle sales rose 5%, the development is still strong. This change in the market pattern reflected in the exhibition is that the electric tricycle, four-wheel car booth area compared to previous years, big manufacturers are more willing to "multi-round" development.

Fashionable electric bicycle, cargo electric tricycle, design unique electric four-wheel vehicle, these three kinds of positioning different products appear in the booth of the gold Peng electric cars. The company staff told reporters that Jin Peng has been deep in the field of electric tricycle, but in the industry development encounter inflection point, relying on its product development and production capacity, Jin Peng began to steadily expand horizontally.

With the continuing differentiation of the electric vehicle market and the gradual increase in the policy support of the new energy vehicle, the market ratio of tricycle and four-wheel vehicles is increasing. Reporter noticed that many originally started with electric two wheels of car manufacturers, also began to dabble in electric tricycle, four-wheel car and even the production of body-sensing vehicles.

As to cross-border, the span of super-Granville group may be bigger. A Granville network is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Super Granville, September 10 just online, this time the high-profile appeared in Nanjing Exhibition. "A Granville network is the electric vehicle and accessories industry Vertical B2B e-commerce platform, we want to build electric cars and accessories One-stop purchasing platform, gather new energy vehicles, electric vehicles upstream downstream resources of the comprehensive procurement site, at least reduce the line of circulation, so that purchasing electric cars and spare parts better, faster, cheaper. "A Granville Network CEO He Jing told reporters that the company is a bunch of young people in the operation," no historical burden. "" "The transformation of the traditional purchasing system will come sooner or later, and we want to be a cross-border subversive." "He Jing confidence is full."

Call new GB expectation "soft landing compatibility"

Exhibition innovation, cross-border, brilliant layering, the market forces in the exhibition has been amply demonstrated. Electric bicycle industry China has become a well-deserved leader, product export volume is also steadily increasing, but in the country, the new GB is delayed, become the industry hanging on the head of the Sword of Damocles.

"The National standard revision, changed to 13 times, management and the industry has not reached agreement on key indicators." "From the Association of the Professional Committee of the car, director of Lu Jinlong, the 2014, the National Electric bicycle production and sales volume appeared for the first time in 16 years negative growth, in which national standards are not clear the consumer will and entrepreneurial decision-making direction of the negative impact should not be underestimated."

Lu Jinlong believes that the country's electric bicycle industry provides the country with 200 billion per year of GDP, 10 billion yuan taxes, created 6 million employment opportunities, is the vast majority of people's indispensable means of transport, he hoped that "national standards for the revision of China's national conditions and people's livelihood, advancing with the times, progressive, and ultimately the ' soft landing compatibility" mode to achieve electric bicycles and even the masses of the way to upgrade "

"Top ten enterprises have accounted for half of the sales volume of the whole industry, the safety of our electric vehicle products can be upgraded, the technical content is improving, and more importantly, the industry has been self-discipline." "Hangzhou Light-Yang Power Technology Co., Ltd. Technical Minister Chen Jinwen, the industry has recognized that revising the national standards is not the quality of electric bicycles ' loosening ', but the product to put more stringent requirements." "The introduction of high-quality new GB will be a new starting point for the industry development." "

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