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The Future Has Come, Lithium Tram To Stay Competitive, Breaking The Industry Cold Ice Age
Apr 07, 2017

In recent years, with light, green environmental protection and long life, such as many advantages, become more and more people travel choice. Even in the electric vehicle industry and sales of the decline 2014, lithium tram burst into a strong vitality to achieve the trend of growth. The data show that the proportion of lithium batteries in electric bicycles was raised by 6.4% percent from last year to 9.2%, from 250,000 to 3 million in 2010, with lithium-powered bicycles doubled in only 4-year production. The industry is widely predicted that the next 3 years, China's lithium bicycle production rate will be kept at about 20%%, become the whole electric bicycle industry new highlights.

Although the prospects are considerable, but in the current electric vehicle market gradually saturated, the new 6 GB, and related departments to strengthen management and crackdown, enterprises to cope with the price war under the pressure of the decline in the profit of the environment, the continuous development of lithium tram still need to cross the ridge, so the problem came, in such a special period, the lithium in the need to rely on what to maintain competitiveness, breakthrough industry winter?

Consumer demand escalation pushes "second consumption" tide

The so-called market saturation does not mean that consumers do not need electric bikes, instead, they will increasingly tend to buy twice or even multiple times. According to the survey of some customers in the Beijing-East flagship store, Li Ji Tram, 70% of customers have the use of electric car experience, and on the Internet for the second purchase, the home owns two lithium tram accounted for the upward trend of customer ratio.

Industry experts explain that the market saturation is the overall reason for the growth of output greater than demand growth, on the other hand is the consumer demand for products upgrading.

When we mention the lithium tram, our imagination is no longer a simple means of transport, but more connotation of "light, fashion, technology", a creative personality of the portable means of transport. Lithium bicycle not only has folding and fast inlay lithium batteries, up to 30 kilometers of continuous mileage, can also be put into the car back box, enjoy the "4+2" way to travel Wonderful life, to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant weekend outing.

In addition, on the ride experience, ultra light folding Lithium tram can take you easily through the congested streets of the city, farewell to the bus, traffic jams, can easily bring into the subway, bus, or elevators, to achieve the seamless connection between different modes of transport, and no longer worried about late or the appointment, time can become accurate grasp.

Aesthetics and simplicity of the world, in a variety of electronic products in the design style we can see the clues, in the electric vehicle industry This is undoubtedly a development of the inevitable trend.

When electric vehicles into the Internet + ERA, communications equipment, electrical appliances, home and so on are in the development of an interconnected intelligence, in the electric bicycle industry is no exception, intelligent industry has become a consistent product upgrade direction. As the industry leader of the Li-ji electric car, the fourth generation of smart lithium trolley cars to exceed the speed ahead of the anticipated development, high-end configuration into the intelligent technology, its "ultra light intelligent" new ride experience, to bring consumers more abundant and convenient value-added services. Intelligent, personalized and lightweight lithium tram is becoming the next important profit growth point of electric vehicle manufacturing enterprises.
 The market saturation truth is that if you do not upgrade the product, consumers do not need electric cars, but no longer need your electric car.

"GB Lithium tram" leads the safe travel trend

Although the electric vehicle market has rigid demand, but in recent years, subject to the national standard policy and related departments of management and crackdown, some consumer demand has not been released, become a market vacancy. Pine Ji series of GB lithium tram turned out, causing the market's strong repercussions, as consumers of the most popular lithium products. As many times for electric vehicles new GB drafting work and suggestions for the enterprise, Matsukichi know how to create a good use and let consumers worry, rest assured products, to Pine Leopard four on behalf of the car, but the weight of 12KG, ultra light folding, intelligent fixed speed, intelligent repair, the batteries freely take, smart and lightweight, security upgrades, meet the standards and exceed the standard.

Since August, Matsukichi has carried out dozens of "GB lithium tram" safe travel propaganda activities throughout the country, and strive to allow consumers to enjoy high-end intelligent products while in the product safety, the use of safety, safety of the road to be guaranteed three aspects. Relying on strong market demand, the Pine Ji Li tram is becoming a popular favorite for consumers, leading the general trend of safe travel

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