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The Hidden Dangers Of Battery-car Umbrellas Are Big, And The Door Should Pay Attention To Safety.
Apr 07, 2017

Hot summer has reached, Zhejiang most areas to reach 40 degrees above the high temperature, many people go out to sunscreen, each of the car batteries installed on the easy sunshade, but this practice has a great security hidden dangers.

On the market this simple sunshade only need a few decades, the installation technique is simple, can shield wind and rain, more convenient. But in fact, many people have found that the body is somewhat unstable after installation and can not see the situation behind. Many people said that only in the sun's large installation, usually normal travel, feel that there should be no big security risks.

In this section of Hangzhou high-temperature weather, the streets with umbrellas on the motorcycle, a lot of batteries, there are red umbrellas on the road from time to day shuttle fast. Shortly after, reporters at a junction to see a modified car battery to avoid the back of a sudden rushed out of the taxi almost fell. "I was scared to death, and the rear was blocked, and the car didn't know when it came." Mr. Wang was panting out of a cold sweat. Mr. Wang said, everyone knows that this umbrella will not be safe, but it is too sun, can not always a hand umbrella a car?

In fact, for the car installation of simple sunshade such as the situation, the police have already made a reminder: "The installation of solar umbrella batteries must be a safety hazard." "Because the vehicle is fast and the car is light weight, assembled a simple sunshade car, the center of the move, if encountered strong winds, the battery will lose balance, greatly increased the probability of accidents." Also, Sunshade can block the driver's sight, easily with passers-by and vehicles scratch. The weather is hot again, the public is safe first.

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